Residential Development

We specialise in scaffolding for residential purposes. Whether you’re building your dream home or renovating, we can help. Whatever your requirements are, we’ve worked with builders, owner builders, supervisors and home renovators to deliver scaffolding solutions to the residential sector.

Our friendly staff are highly experienced and capable of absolutely anything when it comes to residential scaffolding, at highly competitive prices without sacrificing quality.

As scaffold suppliers, we pride ourselves in supplying premium quality products with precision, crafted for a longer lifespan and greater ease of assembly. We provide clients with both aluminium and steel scaffold, whether it be static or mobile, for hire or sale.

At Pipeline Scaffolding, we respect your program and budget and understand that when you need a quote, you need it with some urgency and priority. We guarantee that we will respond to your inquiries promptly, and will provide a representative to meet you onsite to discuss your requirements. We understand foreman and site managers have busy schedules, to support this we provide a dedicated leader on each job to ensure there are no hiccups from estimation and delivery – to erect, dismantle and removal.

Commercial Development

Flexible in all respects, we can attend sites, tender or quote for extensive projects and manage all aspects of commercial development scaffolding. From material deliveries, erection and dismantling, engineering, safety and personnel supervision to sophisticated access management systems, we provide it all.

With a reputation built on shutdown, upgrade and maintenance projects for some of Australia’s biggest companies, we’re highly adept at providing safe access and skilled preparation of quality scaffolding.

Our consultative approach and extensive experience has positioned us as a preferred lead project provider on many large commercial operations.

At Pipeline Scaffolding, we’re proud to be at the forefront of the construction industry, where we’re in the enviable position of being able to provide an ever expanding range of services to our clients.

Our in-house design & engineering team provide safe, innovative engineered access and support structure solutions for your complex projects. Supervisory staff have had extensive training and offer years of experience and knowledge, winning accolades from clients and project managers.

Heavy industrial Plants

With Pipeline Scaffolding’s services, expertise and techniques at your fingertips, we can ensure your industrial plant project will run smoothly and seamlessly, while comprehensively complying with all WHS Regulations and industry codes of practice.

Managing High Risk work like scaffolding should not be left to chance. We guarantee you a level of service that no competitor can offer. We ensure your project is guided by our expert team to comply with WHS Regulations and industry codes of practice.

Our team also provides fast turnover of inspections and certifications to keep your project moving. We provide an extensive range of scaffolding services including erection, dismantle, labour hire, transport, project management and on-site consultation, confined space monitoring and edge protection systems.

Our management system meets the complex needs of industrial scaffolding and long term maintenance projects. Our Management System was created with extensive consultation between our staff and clients. With fully qualified scaffolders on hand, we have the ability to quickly mobilise a workforce to tackle any job big or small. With our full time WHS supervisor recognised by SafeWork NSW as a leader in scaffold safety, you can trust the safety of all employees on-site.

Power stations

With years of expertise in the field, we have a huge backlog of successful power station contracts, which experience we bring to every new project we undertake. Our extensive work in providing scaffolding services for power stations covers everything from construction to repairs and maintenance.

We spend most of the time off the ground, so to speak. Whether on top or inside power stations, Pipeline Scaffolding goes to extraordinary lengths and heights to service its clients.

Since early days, our ability to adapt and use our experience in other construction areas such as facade design or choice of manufactured material has led us to become the company of choice for a variety of difficult projects.

We’ve been involved in some of the biggest and most complex projects in NSW, reflecting our position as a leader in scaffolding services. We have the necessary expertise and equipment to carry out industrial scaffolding setups for any power station. From shutdowns and different access solutions to temporary enclosures and stair towers, we bring a wealth of experience and skills to industrial projects, thus ensuring an excellent quality scaffolding job. We understand that work needs to carry on as usual and we complete our work as efficiently and precisely as possible to guarantee minimal downtime.

Road & rail bridges

Providing services to companies that need customised road and rail bridges to meet specific requirements, Pipeline Scaffolding are your experts for difficult work.

Our project management skills and scaffolding services can be applied to road and rail bridges, by removing any challenges and complexities that come with using scaffold, our experienced scaffold designer is able to create a smoother and safer outcome that will reduce incidents of workplace injury.

Our team are professionals with a wealth of experience in working with scaffolding in all conditions. As these projects are exposed to the elements, the conditions require the skills, equipment and procedures that are not normally available or familiar to the layman. This is where we come in.

We will help you design a scaffolding plan to plan for the scaffold and access requirements of your next project to maximise efficiency and improve site logistics. As utmost professionals, safety measures is one of the most important factors we take into account when it comes to scaffolding. When the project involves upgrading, refurbishment or new construction of bridges, there are stringent protocols that our staff adheres to. We ensure all scaffolding is put together in the correct manner without jeopardising anyone’s safety.

Waste water treatment plants

We provide complete water infrastructure access solutions for government agencies, commercial water suppliers, industrial facilities and energy companies.

From water well access management to related infrastructure services, we are experts in providing comprehensive scaffold access solutions to the industry. From manhole access, dry and wet wells, pumping station pits to water recycling facilities, our teams are fully trained and qualified for all situations.

We have extensive experience with sewage and raw water treatment facilities, as well as problem-solving for multiple large-scale construction related challenges. On brownfield sites, we work closely with plant operations teams to stage works and provide temporary bypass arrangements that isolate the construction zones and ensure the continuous operation of existing treatment processes whilst facilities are being upgraded or constructed, installed and commissioned.

Pedestrian Access

Creating a range of accessibility products and services for commercial and residential applications, our DDA compliant ramps and stair structures are tailored to fit the requirements of complex and unusual applications.

We can help enhance existing structures to improve safety and accessibility with our ramps and stair structures, quickly and simply with minimal impact to pedestrian flow. Our approach creates all concepts with you to deliver the best possible and high value outcomes.

By harnessing our own in-house scoping, design, drafting, manufacturing and finishing functions, supported by specialist teams of highly experienced engineers, consultants and trades staff, we customise ramp and stair access designs and engineering solutions specific to our client requirements.

We have the knowledge and in-house expertise to advise you on compliance and certification required to meet the DDA, Australian Standards and the Australian Building Codes.

Our support and sales teams provide our clients with genuine, reliable advice on the requirements and expectations of the desired solution, with key considerations concerning associated risks and logistics.